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The State of Streaming Autumn 2022

Sponsored By: Tulix

Whether it’s finding a balance between operational expenses and capital expenses, or situating origin servers and a small amount of delivery capacity at in-house locations or even smaller regional data centers and enterprise content delivery networks (eCDNs), the streaming market pendulum does appear to be swinging back away from cloud-only options and towards a more balanced approach. Download the State of Streaming Autumn 2022 research report to gain insights into the following and more:

  • The softening of high-end viewership and subscriptions
  • Lower-end viewership rates surpassing upper-end viewership rates
  • Consolidation in the OTT subscription market
  • Rising content costs threatening the pace of new premium production
  • Ongoing migration to smaller, geographically centralized data centers
  • A widening gap between FAST advertising revenues and delivery costs