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YouTube Tests Its Advertising Sway--Side-Stepping St和ards, Winning Budgets


YouTube 可能太大而无法忽视. 的 question for advertisers might be - is it so big that it doesn’t have to play by the rules?

字母这家美国视频巨头在多个领域发展迅猛, 即使它发现自己卷入了多重危机. 该公司 索赔 that 125 million people watch YouTube on connected TV devices each month. 根据。的最新报告 尼尔森的 据统计,YouTube占所有电视观众的9%以上. 事实上,近一半(45%)的YouTube观众来自CTV. 对很多人来说, YouTube已经在客厅扮演了核心角色, as it 有 smartly taken advantage of our mobile-first culture by allowing users to cast 和 control remotely from the YouTube mobile app to their smart TVs.

After more than a decade of fighting for legitimacy 和 the right to be considered in the same breath as the biggest media companies, YouTube现在是电视前端的一个重要参与者, 并且有一个简单的观众 不能被某些品牌忽视.


与此同时, 在社交视频领域, YouTube had seemingly been staring down an existential threat a few years ago, as TikTok exploded onto the scene, capturing massive amounts of people’s screentime. 但在学习了短视频之后, YouTube短裤 有  该平台每天的浏览量从300亿增加到500亿.

While TikTok 有 hardly gone away as a threat to YouTube (和 essentially every company in the video business), YouTube短片显然引起了消费者的共鸣. 盈利一直是个挑战, as Shorts represents lower yields to YouTube than its longer-form inventory, 但目前字母似乎愿意在这里投资, as the TV-centric version of the product continues to make inroads among br和s.



Several of the biggest stories in advertising over the past few months have involved YouTube, 而且不是一种好的方式. 首先是广告技术公司 Adalytics reported that YouTube was generating views away from its main YouTube platform, 违反自己的标准 通过一个很多广告商都没有意识到的项目.

几周后,analytics又发布了另一款 重磅炸弹, reporting that YouTube was running targeted ads alongside videos aimed at kids – which is potentially a violation of federal law.

你可能还记得2017年左右的时候, YouTube ads were found running alongside some truly awful videos (terrorism 和 worse), 以及一系列知名品牌,如 AT&T 抵制 很长一段时间以来. Back then, YouTube issued multiple mea culpas, 和 vowed to fix its problems.

Will calling “Not it” satisfy br和s’ concerns, as YouTube rolls out new initiatives?

这就是为什么它如此值得关注,以至于YouTube如此激烈 否认 这两份分析报告基本上是在说, 这是无稽之谈, 我们也没有什么问题需要解决.

很难知道YouTube是否正确, or using its video clout to see how hard it can push back 和 remain unscathed. 该公司 certainly seems empowered to throw its weight around to a degree.

That at least seems to be the cause of YouTube’s latest ‘controversy’ – as the company announced that it plans to issue its own 共同观看CTV购买的测量数据.


这自然让YouTube的电视竞争对手感到不安, which are in the middle of testing numerous new third-party currency alternatives as they try to stay competitive in CTV. 就其本身而言, YouTube 有 said that its co-viewing data 有 been deeply researched, 不管, it allows br和s to bring in other third-party metrics firms to provide a second opinion of co-viewing numbers.

Furthermore, YouTube's substantial annual investment of $2 billion in NFL周日门票 已经改变了电视领域的游戏规则. 这一战略举措使YouTube成为一股强大的力量, 巩固其在电视领域的地位. 的 massive investment not only solidifies YouTube's presence but also enhances its appeal to advertisers seeking a prime platform for their CTV campaigns. 

到目前为止, 这些噪音似乎都没有损害YouTube的业务(事实上), 最近一个季度,字母的营收有所增长)。. 即使是新的竞争对手,如 网飞公司迪斯尼+ 在广告支持的流媒体领域,YouTube紧随其后 Hulu 在中央电视台的广告竞赛中.

+, YouTube 有 an unexpected 和 unusual advantage in the market at the moment – while Hollywood is essentially closed thanks to multiple labor strikes, YouTube’s increasingly robust pool of creators are open for business, 并准备好为品牌提供服务. 的先生. Beasts of the world were already generating audiences that sometimes rival popular TV shows, 而现在,比赛的场地是敞开的.


It remains to be seen as to whether br和s penalize YouTube for its Adalytics foils, 或者对它为自己的共同观看作业评分的尝试犹豫不决. 现在,YouTube可能是一股不容忽视的强大力量. 与 多数 1 / 3的美国人收看YouTube, 它的视频, 特别是长篇CTV内容, represent a wealth of opportunities for most advertisers to succeed in an ever-evolving market.


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