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Q&答:Adtaxi的莫里·沃诺夫说,流媒体电视的水平已经超过了美国市场的80%.S. 2024年的成年人

Adtaxi的一份新报告, 美国发展最快的数字营销机构之一, has revealed that more Americans than ever are now defaulting to 流媒体 as their primary viewing content source. 聪聪Woronoff, 代理总监-市场研究和消费者洞察在Adtaxi, spoke with 流媒体's Tyler Nesler about many specific aspects of the report and what the findings reveal about the current state of 流媒体 as the industry continues to evolve rapidly.


This article takes a look at 12 options you can pick from when looking to produce live-switched video: Boinx mimoLive, 广播Pix教堂Pix, Ecamm生活, ManyCam, 奥林匹克广播服务公司工作室, PRISM Live Studio, Vizrt TriCaster, Telestream Wirecast, vMix, Vimeo直播工作室, 和XSplit广播


别人如何看待我们,我们如何衡量自己的进步? New data on 流媒体 power consumption will al­low the industry to target further reductions in power consumption while working toward longer-term solu­tions that reuse old technologies alongside current best practices as a way to extend the life of 流媒体 tech for years to come.


就像我们喜欢用FFmpeg进行转码操作一样, 在为ABR交付包装内容时可能会令人沮丧. 由packag-ing, 我的意思是格式化和分割你的媒体文件, 为HLS和DASH创建清单文件, for - matting for CMAF, 并管理多个音频和字幕流. Fortunately, there are easier-to-use solutions that are equally open source and equal­ly free. 在本文中,我将重点介绍GPAC,它是一种很好的包装替代方案.

欢迎来到FAST Times

2023 got everyone on the same page: FAST should be part of the me­dia mix whether you are a content provider, 一个电视台, 或者一个分销平台.


2024年的教育视频是风暴前的平静还是风暴后的平静? 大流行近在眼前, we approach a crossroads where it will be determined whether enterprise-scale video hosting and management services will remain profitable at the prices that schools are willing to carry in the new normal. 今年我们不太可能越过一个不归路, but I recommend keep­ing an eye out for signs that will either allay or am­plify concerns about the long-term future of schools having a degree of ownership and control of the vid­eo services they rely on.


在今年的边缘计算和交付状态, I'm going to explore the three edges that seem to matter most for 流媒体: aggregation, on-prem, 和地区.


Nadine Krefetz writes about the ways of how to best meet the challenges of cloud media creation.

迈克尔Cerda先生, 电视univision的流媒体首席运营官, Talks Building and Growing the World’s Largest Spanish-Language Streaming Service

Nadine Krefetz interviews 迈克尔Cerda先生, CPO for 流媒体 at TelevisaUnivision. He discusses the from-the-ground-up rebuild he implemented when he arrived at the company. He describes how—in just 9 months—his team assembled and scaled the tech stack dri­ving ViX, 世界上最大的西班牙语流媒体服务, 这haslive-流媒体, AVOD, SVOD, 和快速产品.


This review will look at an interesting suite of products built around the innovative OBSBOT Tail Air PTZ cam, 哪家公司已经进入了NDI生态系统. 单个相机的零售价为499美元, 而OBSBOT借给了流媒体其中的3个用于本次审查, as well as a couple of accessories to show off how they can work together in a studio or field production.


Nothing makes recommendation engines—and every other means of profit-making leverage—go, go, 喜欢各种各样的数据. Metadata in particular is the key to personalizing viewer experiences and optimizing content portfolios. AI plays an ever-greater role in enhancing the metadata quality and improving recommendations. 分析师们关注的是M&E industry and insiders at major media companies playing critical strategic roles agree, data is also essential to understanding customer journeys and making informed decisions on how to reach and retain subscribers and, 在广告支持方面, 向受众传递正确的广告,向品牌传递正确的受众.


麦哲威尔的新导演迷你是一个迷你奇迹. 这个5.5英寸的“一体化”生产工具,1美元,299街价可以混合多种输入,做画中画图形, 音频混合, 记录, 流媒体, 和更多的, 正如IEBA的Anthony burrokas在这篇深度评论中解释的那样.

云图集:电影实验室2030年全行业视觉路线图 & E互操作性

MovieLabs' CTO Jim Helman discusses his experience creating standards for content classification for the Hollywood studios, as well as the MovieLabs ten-year strategy to bring interoperability to as many vendors as possible. The Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) Helman helped create is a content ID which now holds more than 2.800万的记录使生产和经营的许多方面现代化. He'll also update us on the industry's response to the 2030 Vision strategy to bring interoperability to media creation technologies, requiring less custom engineering and better communications between software, 基础设施, 和服务.

Q&答:Caffeine首席执行官Ben Keighran谈论以粉丝为中心的利基体育广播

咖啡因是一个资金充足的, 更新的直播平台,以粉丝为中心, 适合互动观看的内容. 目前,该平台的用户已超过4000万, 其内容主要由长尾和地方体育节目组成. 自2016年以来已融资2.62亿美元, Caffeine is emerging as a destination for "sports you can't find anywhere else.这个Q&A with Caffeine CEO Ben Keighran explores Caffeine's unique approach to niche sports 流媒体 and monetization model.

回顾:NETINT Quadra T1U视频处理单元

This review will highlight the NETINT Quadra T1U and explore its capabilities as a video processing unit (VPU) for high-volume encoding and transcoding of single files, 编码梯子, 还有直播.


读者已经说过! 在这里,我们将介绍2023年北美顶级技术解决方案, 由流媒体读者选出.


在本文中, 我研究了流式cdn提供的低延迟服务, 删除实际的供应商名称并根据交付方法得出结论. I'll start with a discussion of the basics of latency before moving on to the testing results and analysis.


Rising fundamental costs morph into rising platform costs for content owners and consumers

The 2023 流媒体 100: The Top 100 Companies in the 流媒体 Universe

The 流媒体 100 is back—welcome once again to 流媒体's annual list that foregrounds the industry's most innovative and influential technology suppliers, 服务提供商, 平台, 以及媒体和内容公司, 正如我们的编辑团队所赞誉的那样. 其中一些是大型和成熟的行业标准承担者, while others are comparably small and relatively new arrivals that are just beginning to make a splash. All set themselves apart from the crowd with their innovative approach and their contribution to the expansion and maturation of the 流媒体 media universe.

IBC 2023的流媒体100

IBC将于9月15日至18日举行, just before the eagerly anticipated unveiling of this year's 流媒体 100, 该杂志评选出了该行业最重要的100家公司, I had the chance to surprise a number of deserving honorees with their awards, 现场和现场展示.